The search for Happiness

What is Happiness?

Well, I think each one has his or her own definition. There are two components for this subjective well-being:

  • The balance of emotions
  • Life satisfaction

Just as everyone’s emotions are unique and variable, so are their expectations. But well-being and the search for happiness is a constant balance between what I ultimately hope for, and the real life conditions that are the context of my present life, although the mode of this search has a real importance, as the way I see the world (negative or positive), and how I situate myself in relation to it (realistic or idealist temperament). It is the adequacy of my whole person with the present reality that will be the best choice and the best springboard to realize myself fully and fulfill my aspirations.

What makes a meaningful life? Seek happiness, realize oneself, do something that is useful to society.

If we take a step back, all our possessions will seem to us really derisory and totally insufficient to fill our thirst for happiness.

What to do ?

Some practices that can help us find balance

Apart from the basic commonplaces: eat well, get some exercise and above all sleep well (I recommend Roy Britt’s excellent item on this topic), we can also consider our personal addictions that deprive us of the total freedom to choose our path and leave us dissatisfied and unhappy.

For the one who remains conscious of this drift, many therapies exist, such as meditation centers, yoga, magnetism, hypnosis or positive energy. Many religious and non-religious schools teach ways of reconnecting to oneself, such as the TakeTina school

Taketina Rythm

They all point in one direction, to that hidden center within ourselves that needs to be repaired or renewed in order to give us the strength and stability to do what we are meant to do.

There are, however, very simple practices that lead us to the same result. 

Simple everyday practices to regain balance

Quieting down, not only outside, but also inside, silencing all our attachments, our concerns, allows us to reconnect with ourselves.
After a while, the point of view changes and I see little by little where I am and what it is really important to do for me.


Morning meditation

Take time for morning meditation to contemplate the dawn, listen to the music of nature, breathe in the scents of the opening season. Give thanks for the life of this new day.

During the day, once or twice, take regular moments (without the phone) to re-learn to contemplate and give thanks for the blessings along the way, the smallest things that have warmed our hearts, comforted us, or given us a new boost during the day. Be thankful for a good meal, for the products of the earth and for the wine that rejoices the human heart.

During the week or on Sundays, check on someone around.

Check on someone around

Someone is experiencing trouble, let’s check in on him/her because giving is better than receiving.

Just as we become attentive to the external reality, to nature, to the benefits sown on our path each day, so we open ourselves to those who cross our path. They too are gifts sent to us.

Be grateful

Before going to bed look back over the day and give heartfelt thanks for the good things that have happened to you.

The way to peace

If these moments of stopping and returning to our inner sanctuary are regular, we will gradually see our heart calming down, our life settling down, and the birth of new perspectives, a new path, the perception of a Presence that will illuminate our days.

The other will also become a sanctuary and respecting him or her will be the priority. The human will take its place over money and profit. If I start in my place, this attitude will snowball and I will have the joy of seeing concord, understanding and mutual support reborn around me.

Respect for oneself, for others and for the environment is the guarantee of a happy and balanced world.

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