Documentation is critical in any company

Science and engineering, industry, maritime sector, others.

Your technical documents for the company

Documentation is critical in any company

  • You need Accurate business documents and technical files on equipment and processes for your customers and partners. 
  • You want to keep all work notes, meeting minutes, charts and process data sheets up to date to help your business grow
  • Save time on new projects and ensure a better integration of your new hires.

Translate your documents into French

You would like to translate your documentation into French.

You need to translate or proofread your documents in French or localise them in a french speaking aerea.

Our team is committed to supporting you until the end of the project

Translation and localization

Your content is accurately translated according to domain specifications.

We provide translation and careful proofreading of your content according to the standards of the target region/industry, including technical documents, manufacturing brochures, product sheets, approval applications, data sheets, user manuals, quality assurance plans, etc.

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Your benefits :

An accurate translation ensures

  • the safety of your users
  • your brand image on the French market and in your foreign locations
  • the handling of your corporate terminology

How are the rates calculated?

Translations are charged per word according to standard rates.

Different rates apply to translation agencies (depending on the agreement).

More information about the process or deadlines?

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