E-nemo, the new “Tesla on the water”

E-nemo pour votre confort

From the first boats to E-nemo, huge technical progress have been made. Man has achieved so much in this field that it is sometimes difficult for everyone to make the synthesis between the point from which he came and the present reality.

For some of the actors of this progress, the inventors like Alain Thebault, this path has been a crossing of the desert or rather the crossing of a large thorn bush. The banning of our scientists and inventors is not new since Galileo, and it must be admitted that in France, our inventors must leave for the United States or elsewhere. But that is not a problem! Thanks to their resilience and determination, science and technology are making their way, hopefully, to the service of the true good of mankind.

In the meantime, this marvellous, eco-responsible and silent vehicle, just out of the factories of St Jean Industries, makes us dream…It will soon take us to Venice, to the islands, to Skorpios or to Kijkduin.

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