Why do I translate?

When I was a student J thought that translation would allow me to break down all the barriers that prevented me from reaching out and understanding the other person, the one who did not speak my language. Not to reach him, not to communicate seemed to me an unbearable situation. Learning his language was a way of entering his world, of seeing through his eyes.

Today, advances in technology have almost completely solved the problem of communication between countries. But the need for translation is exploding for other reasons, and quite simply as a result of technological and industrial expansion in a context of globalisation.

                         After years of experience in my job, my motivation is different from when I started. I translate rather to

discover and transmit the values I believe in and to encourage the sharing of these values for the benefit of all.

it is consistent that most of us that most of us participate through our work in voluntary programmes concerning the world’s major issues and the safeguarding of these values.

and that is Translating for hapiness